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Guiding Your Legacy with Compassion and Care

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Experience compassionate care and expert advice in wills, trusts, and estate planning. Notably, I understand the sensitivity of future planning and am dedicated to guiding you through this emotional process. Simultaneously, I ensure that your legacy and loved ones are protected.

As a sole practitioner, I prioritize a smooth and empathetic experience. Importantly, I actively engage, listen to your unique needs and concerns, and tailor my services to align with your goals. Consequently, these solutions are carefully designed to align with your values.

Whether you’re in the process of drafting a will, establishing a trust, or navigating complexities in estate planning, I’m here to assist you at every step. Notably, my compassionate approach ensures your comfort throughout the process.

Furthermore, I fully recognize the significance of this journey and provide both legal expertise and emotional support. Ultimately, your peace of mind is my utmost priority. Thus, I take pride in serving as an expert wills and estates attorney in the Maryland/DMV area.

When it comes to planning wills and estates, we handle all the details you might not contemplate.

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Expert Wills and Estates Attorney

Expert Wills and Estates Attorney - Roberto Alejandro

Meet Roberto Alejandro

Roberto’s journey into estate planning wasn’t initially expected. With a background in journalism, he’s a published author, founder of a digital media startup, and a solo practice lawyer. He’s been featured on Democracy Now!, National NPR broadcasts, and local news.

Over the past seven years, he has balanced civil rights litigations and estate planning, focusing on combating discrimination.

Expert Wills and Estates Attorney

Recently, as his own family started to grow just last year, Roberto realized the importance of future planning and experienced a shift in his passion.

Moreover, Roberto is bilingual, supporting both English and Spanish-speaking communities. Additionally, outside of work, he embraces family life and enjoys woodworking and playing his guitar.

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“Wise, Careful, + Clear-Eyed Counselor”

Dealing with the death of a partner is hard. Dealing with the aftermath of his death from COVID-19, an (initially) lost will, and countless delays in Brooklyn Surrogates Court made a challenging situation even more demanding. Through it all, Roberto proved himself a skilled estate attorney and a wise, careful, and clear-eyed counselor. He advised and led me through the process with knowledge, skill, and immense sensitivity. I highly recommend working with him. 

Barbara A. Genco

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“Unwavering Commitment”

I highly recommend Roberto to anyone seeking an attorney for wills and trusts. His professionalism, expertise, and unwavering commitment to his clients are commendable. Without a doubt, this process could have been dreadful, but Roberto went the extra mile to secure our legacy. Consequently, he is the one to trust!

Jessica Wood

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Alejandro Legal is here to help.

Do I need an attorney to draft my will or trust?

No, Maryland doesn’t mandate hiring a lawyer for wills or trusts. However, without legal guidance, there can be costly, time-consuming, and stressful complications. Wills and trusts must meet Maryland’s legal requirements and be correctly executed to be valid.

An estate planning attorney can help you structure your estate plan. This will minimize estate and inheritance taxes, protect your assets from creditors, and carry out your wishes.

Are there benefits to going through probate?

Considering probate can be in your best interest. It helps reduce the time for creditors to file claims. Probate also aids in settling claims from unfamiliar creditors and heirs. After the claim deadline, those who didn’t file lose their legal right to estate assets.

Another reason for seeking estate probate is to mediate conflicts among heirs. In some cases, family members may contest the will’s validity. Moreover, they may have differing views on property distribution when there’s no will. Importantly, the probate process can help resolve these disputes within a legal framework, under the guidance of a probate judge, facilitating resolution.

What Can Happen To My Family If I Die Without A Will?

Without a valid will, Maryland’s intestate laws control asset allocation, designating heirs and their entitlements. Consequently, this results in the state handling property distribution instead of you or your family. To avoid this situation, consult an estate-planning attorney and promptly draft a will.

Do I Need a Living Trust?

A living trust holds your assets during your lifetime and is managed for your benefit. After your passing, trust assets go to beneficiaries according to the trust agreement. You can act as the trustee, retaining control. A living trust safeguards against creditors ensures care if incapacitated, and bypasses probate for trust assets.

Living trusts have benefits, but it’s vital to be aware of their drawbacks. Consult an estate-planning attorney to assess if a living trust suits your unique needs.

What Should I Do After a Loved One Passes?

In the days after a loved one’s passing, it can be chaotic. Moreover, the week following involves ceremonies, family support, and grieving. However, beyond these immediate concerns, it’s crucial to prepare for their financial matters.

Firstly, find vital documents like the will, trust agreements, and financial statements. Secondly, secure their property to prevent unauthorized access. Lastly, notify the Social Security office and insurance companies to stop insurance payments.

In the coming weeks, you may need to start a probate estate, collect necessary documents, and oversee trust asset distribution. While handling a loved one’s estate can be overwhelming, a probate attorney can help reduce stress and save time.

How long does the probate process take?

Estate administration typically takes about nine months; however, it can vary based on complexity and disputes. In contrast, small estates, with assets under $50,000 (or $100,000 if the surviving spouse is the beneficiary), may close in about two months. Importantly, having a skilled probate attorney can help expedite the process.

How much does probate cost?

Maryland’s probate fee is about 0.1% of the estate’s value. Attorney fees and personal representative commissions are typically limited to 3.6% of the estate’s value in Maryland. In my practice, I usually charge around 1.5% to 2% of the estate’s value. Keep in mind that probate may include extra costs like notices, bonds, property appraisals, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Should I avoid the probate process?

While probate has its advantages, it’s not always necessary. You can avoid probate through methods like using trust agreements or co-titling property. Some assets transfer directly to designated heirs through beneficiary designations, as seen with life insurance and retirement accounts.


Why let the government write your legacy? Create your will, your way, and take control of your destiny.

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