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Choosing the Right Lawyer for Your Will: Benefits and Advice

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Why You Should Work with a Lawyer, but Not Just Any Lawyer, on Your Will

There are many reasons why choosing the right lawyer for your will is imperative. Some of the main reasons include getting it right, avoiding family conflicts, and peace of mind.

Getting It Right

Every jurisdiction has technical requirements for a valid will. These include naming a personal representative (or executor) or having a requisite number of witnesses. Before a person’s last wishes can be carried out in accordance with their will, the will must go through probate. Probate is a court process where the will is proved to be the actual will of the person who died. When the technical requirements under state law for wills aren’t met, the will becomes harder or maybe even impossible to probate. This creates headaches and delays for the intended beneficiaries. Working with a lawyer ensures that your will can survive probate and that your loved ones inherit your estate instead of a legal headache.

Choosing the Right Lawyer for Your Will to Avoid Family Conflicts

The distribution of a person’s assets after they die can often lead to family conflict. Having a properly drafted and executed will take your family and loved ones out of the equation and ensure your legacy is distributed on your terms. Your relationship with each of your loved ones is unique and private. There is no real way for a family to determine whom you expect to receive what. Your will might not make everybody happy. It does however take the mystery out of understanding how you wanted your legacy distributed to your family. This ultimately helps prevent conflict. Even if some of your family members want to challenge the will, a properly drafted and executed will is
generally the final word in the matter.

Have Peace of Mind When Choosing the Right Lawyer for Your Will

Working with an attorney helps provide peace of mind. Your attorney should be working with you to choose a suitable person to serve as the personal representative or executor. This person administers your affairs after you die. Your attorney should also ensure all the parties you intend to benefit from your estate are included in the will and that the will includes all of your assets. But you want to choose the right attorney.

I once probated a will where the name of the main beneficiary wasn’t even correctly spelled. The will was prepared by an attorney, but the attorney clearly didn’t take the time to understand the client. You want to make sure your attorney is taking the time to understand your needs. I do this at Alejandro Legal by listening and allowing you to review drafts of your will. Your attorney should be accessible. You need someone who returns your calls and isn’t too busy to learn the names of your loved ones or understand your priorities.

All my clients have my personal cell phone. I don’t pretend I’m always able to answer exactly when they call, but my clients reach me directly and they know I’ll call back because there’s no question of whether I got their message. A will deals with some of the most intimate details of your life, and your attorney should be a confidant, not an office staffer or answering machine. Make sure the attorney you entrust to protect your legacy is someone you can also reach and who has the time to understand you and your priorities.

Choosing the Right Lawyer for Your Will

In conclusion, when it comes to estate planning, “Choosing the Right Lawyer for Your Will” is paramount. With the guidance of a skilled attorney, you can safeguard your legacy, sidestep family conflicts, and navigate the intricate landscape of wills with confidence. Make the smart choice today and ensure your wishes are protected for the future by selecting the attorney who best fits your needs. Your peace of mind and your family’s future are worth it.

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Consulting with a Lawyer as a Parent with Minor Children

Collaborate with a lawyer to ensure you draft your will correctly. Ensure you make the decisions about your children instead of the State.

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